Treadhead Cycling goes back to 2002 when some local mountain bike racers decided to form a team and they approached Skinny’s South Shore Bar in Lake Geneva about sponsorship. The club was started and slowly membership increased. They started doing group rides on Tuesday and Thursday evenings out of Lake Geneva and the groups got larger. One year they decided to put on a WORS mountain bike race as a fundraiser for the group. This allowed the club to start making donations in the community. In 2017 the club started to work with the city of Lake Geneva and decided that it would be best to become an official 501c non-profit organization. In the last few years we have started a weekly winter rides, a community bike swap and a fall century. These are all to support our mission and give more options for people in our community to enjoy riding a bicycle.

John Graf - President

Super cool dude and your leader of OUFBTTR (Officially Unofficial Fat Bike Thursday Trail Ride). In the summer you can find him leading the Thursday group ride for the short route. John is also a big part of every event we run and couldn’t do them without him.

Mike Bishop

When I moved to the Lake Geneva area 15 years ago, I found Treadhead online and came to my first group ride. I met most of my friends and my wife through the club, so I love to give back to the club. My favorite Treadhead event is Treadfest because it is great to see our club come together and put on a truly first-class mountain bike race. As a Treadhead board member I have spent time standardizing our road group rides, database, email and website. My biggest cycling accomplishment is getting second as a 4-person team in Race Across America in 2016.

Ann Esarco - Treasurer

I am involved with Treadhead Cycling because they helped me transition from City of Chicago riding to riding in the Lake Geneva area. People like Dan Getzen, Kent Lambert and Ray Nelson stayed with Robyn and me for a whole summer as we got comfortable on our bikes on the road. Dan coached me on shifting so much, that I think I am a darn good hill climber. I am involved to give back.

Kerry Gonzalez - Treadfest Director

When Kerry isn’t racing or planning a bike race you can find him working on trails for everyone’s enjoyment.

Tara Trent

I’ve enjoyed riding with Treadheads for over 20 years. The group has taught me safe road biking skills, great routes and basic bike maintenance. Treadheads has always been there for me as a healthy escape from the daily stresses of raising four daughters. There is just nothing like getting out on your bike on our beautiful Wisconsin roads to clear your head and refresh. The group has encouraged me while training for multiple triathlons, RAW rides and even an Ironman. As a new board member, I hope to encourage all of our community, no matter what level, to get out in the fresh air and explore the backroads of our area while feeling safe from cars as we bike in numbers.

Shannon Blay

Being # 4 of 5 girls and a twin, my dad was so hung up on having a son, he was determined to make tomboys of us.. BMX bike racing from 6-12yrs old gave me the confidence to explore new areas to ride, building trails adjacent to my folks property (thank you to whoever was the owner of Maki Woods for looking the other way to make a little girl's vision come true). I found the Treadheads on the trails in my 20's. I decided to give road biking a shot several years later after seeing what other cool things this group does. My first road ride was so inspiring, I had no idea the rules of the road or tricks and the Treadheads happily held my hand the entire way. Fast forward 15 years, many duathlons, medals and thousands of miles of road riding under my belt. I am forever grateful to the Treadheads for giving me an outlet but also the lifelong friendships I have from being such a part of an amazing club.

Chip Way

I got into cycling when a friend asked me to do the Treadfest WORS race in 2013. Was not a cyclist at the time, but it sounded like fun. We did the race and are now both avid cyclists. I love helping with and participating in Treadfest, Team Social, Bike Swap, weekly summer road rides and the Fall Tour Ride. I enjoy the social aspect of riding and hanging out with all the cool peeps that join in on the rides and events. Being outdoors and exercising all over the beautiful area we live in is so fun. I love helping out/participating in Treadfest. Mountain biking is the most fun for me. But the weekly road rides are a very fun group as well. I am also looking forward to the expansion of the Fall Tour in 2022!

Andrea Pether

I was encouraged to come to my first group Treadhead group ride by a friend and it was love at first ride. I began cycling in Wisconsin with a competitive team and have enjoyed racing criteriums and road races. Nowadays I love Treadhead's fast group rides and comradery. I am proud to have initiated the Geneva Lakes Composite youth mountain bike team. You can also find me at the Bike Swap and Treadfest. I get inspired to train for long road rides like RAW and mountain biking events in the WORS series.

Bob Hillier - Road Bike Captain

I’m originally from Michigan, but moved to Lake Geneva in 2006. Fell in love with cycling and was inspired by the great Greg LeMond to begin racing in the mid-80’s. I love riding around the Lake Geneva (lower Wisconsin region) as it provides endless miles and beautiful roads and great mountain biking trails. I invite everyone to join us for our Tuesday & Thursday night group rides…new riders always welcome!


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